(Reasons People Smoke, Smoke Damage Health and Addictions)

Smoking is an activity that is not familiar to us all. Many people are addicted to cigarettes, whether male or female, old or young. At this time the smoke becomes a culture. [This habit is a habit that is unhealthy and dangerous. Many of the smokers know that smoking is harmful to health. Nevertheless, they continue to smoke and harder to quit smoking. Therefore, the issues raised by the authors is why people smoking? Why smoking can damage your health? And why is it difficult for smokers to stop smoking activity?

Why do people smoke?
Many people claim that smoking helps them cope with stress, or smoking as a support when the experience uncomfortable. The other reason is to enjoy a cigarette with another person as a social activity together, using a cigarette to start a conversation when meeting new people, smoking does not make bored or lonely, smoking as a source of inspiration while working on the task, adding confidence. From some of the reasons that have been put forward by the smokers, the follow up to where the truth is.
By the time people experience work stress or the things that are not good, panicked and confused. Often people take compensation or escape in his life. There are positives there are negatives. Positive example is the person trying to counseling, recreation, prayer, etc.. Negative example is the consumption of alcohol, drugs or smoking. There is no doubt that in a negative example, cigarettes became the main alternative than alcohol or drugs. From the point of view of smokers, it is more acceptable to common sense because the risk is smaller than the booze and drugs overdose or arrested and jailed. But is it limited? Apparently there is a review that this deeper. In one study, one of the effects of cigarettes (which contain nicotine) resulted in the brains of people who regularly consume cigarettes produce natural pain-relieving substances and if many of these substances can cause euphoria (excessive excitement). From this research it is reasonable to smoking can relieve stress, panic, confused and depressed, considering the effects of tobacco.
Regarding the statement “enjoy smoking with others as a social activity together”, “using a cigarette to start a conversation when meeting new people”, “smoking as a source of inspiration while working on duty ”,” adds confidence. “Raises a question to see if the reason it makes sense or not. Is there no other way as a social activity together? And drank coffee, ate salad, fish fishing can also be enjoyed as a social activity together. Is starting conversations with strangers just by smoking? Can not also by offering candy. Cigarettes as a source of inspiration? Some people say that listening to music can inspire the listener. Adding confidence? Not when people wear nice clothes, expensive, and immaculate can make the wearer more confident. From some of the questions and answers above make it more clear that the reasons advanced by smokers could not be accepted, given that not only cigarettes that can be used for social activities together, start a conversation with strangers, or even as a source of inspiration for confidence boost. In other words they are just statements are subjective.

Smoking and Hazardous Substances
Is the cigarette? Smoking is something that is made from tobacco leaves were cut into small pieces and then rolled with paper. There are various types of cigarettes. Cigarette filters, cigarettes, and cigars. Cigar is a type of cigarettes made from tobacco leaves rolled intact.
Cigarette tobacco is the main raw material, containing harmful substances. One of these is nicotine. Is nicotine? Nicotine or alkaloid nicotine is a kind of neurotoxin, which is a very potent poison when used in insect. This substance is often used as the main ingredient insecticide. [6] At the time of smoking, nicotine is absorbed by the body. Nicotine also causes the release of adrenaline faster. Adrenaline is a hormone that makes blood pressure and heart rate increases so as to make the body excrete a reserve of glucose into the blood. In addition, these substances block the release of the hormone insulin that should take the excess sugar from the blood. This leads to smokers experiencing hyperglycemic, namely sugar levels in the blood than normal. Even some of the smokers smoke because nicotine can inadvertently stifle appetite.
In the long run, will lead to an increase nicotine levels of bad cholesterol (LDL), and over time will damage the arteries. Heart attack and stroke was a disease that difficult to avoid. A study has shown that nicotine can damage the brain and body functions. The presence of nicotine will increase the level of foreign chemicals and neurotransmitters that modulate brain works. As a result, the brain produces endorphins excess. In fact, endorphin is a natural protein in the body paint killer. Endorphin chemical structure very similar to morphine. Most of euphoria and endorphins make it not much different from morphine addict.




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