Radiation Hazard HP (Mobile)


Radiation Hazard HP (Mobile)
It is tragic to find that the phone (HP) that we use every day have enough radiation turns deadly in the long run if we are not careful to use it. What is also surprising is that HP apparently radiation can also be used to cook an egg like a microwave!

To prove it, it takes:
• 1 egg and 2 HP.
• 65-minute conversation from 1 HP to the other.
• Set up as shown.
• cooking-w-hp
We begin the call between the two HP for approximately 65 minutes;
The first 15 minutes did not happen …
After 25 minutes the eggs begin to warm, after 45 minutes;
egg was hot, and after 65 minutes the eggs mature …
If the microwave radiation emitted by HP can modify the protein in eggs itu.Bayangkan what happens to the proteins in our brain when we talk through HP!
HP”s Putting a Fatal Habit
Unheard of a woman having a miscarriage in a row at the age of 2-3 months old fetus. The husband and wife”s pregnancy check and found that fetal cells sustained damage to fetal death. Doctors said that the woman”s womb has been infected by HP that makes fetal radiation in it can not survive long to live and thrive.
Her womb was dead so it was not possible for him to have a live fetus anyway .. Inquired had inquired, it turned out she had a habit of storing his work jacket HP in the right position near the uterus for several years.
Let”s not underestimate the radiation risk from HP is because the consequences could be fatal to our organs. Deliver HP from you as much as possible when you are not wearing them.
Do not be too often put HP close to the kidneys, heart, and dikantung your pants because this can damage the kidneys, heart, and your reproductive system!
Do not place HP close to you when you sleep. Keep also other electronic items (radio, television, laptop) from where you sleep due to radiation from electronic items can be harmful to your health in the long run. Existing radiation interfere with hormone production process by our bodies when we sleep.

HP More Brain Damage In Children

Keep HP from children because their young brains are very sensitive to radiation HP if exposed long enough. Moreover, babies are much more sensitive even some can not help it.
Toronto public health department has advised teenagers and young children to limit their use of cell phones in order to avoid a potential health risk. This is the first policy in Canada.

Officials have warned that because of the side effects of radio frequency radiation, children under the age of eight should use a cell phone only in emergencies and teenagers should limit calls to less than 10 minutes.


Over the years, many government health officials are less concerned about any risk. But there are some studies, a pattern began to appear that people who use their mobile phone for a long period of time are at greater risk the chances of developing certain brain tumors.

Risk Maternity Hyperactive Children

Women who use HP when women most likely to give birth to children with behavioral problems, according to a study of more than 13,000 children.
Pregnant women who use mobile phones that although only 2 or 3 times a day, enough to pose the risk of their baby developing the disease can be hyperactive and have difficulty in understanding / learning, emotion and socialization of children at school.
The above results are even more at risk again when the children themselves are also using the HP before the age of 7 years.
Besides that, in summary there are some tips you need to consider to reduce or avoid the danger of electromagnetic radiation:
• • Do not use mobile phones when pregnant and do not allow your child to wear.
• • Limit the duration of use or the use of your mobile phone without cables.
• • Use a wired headset to reduce the effects of radiation because HP HP away from your head. Avoid using bluetooth.
• • Reduce exposure to direct yourself from the transmission area WiFi (Hotspot Area). Find out where the location of WiFi and try to stay away from him.
• • If you have a phone cable, do not use that exceeds 900 MHz, because the phone cord Gigaherts are continuously emit radio waves high 24/7.
• • Use the speakerphone instead of directly hold the phone to your ear. It helps to keep the effects of direct radiation of the brain with HP.
• • Limit the use of HP in the building because HP will radiate more waves inside the building than outside.
• • Use HP at the time of transmission or reception signal bar either. When a bad transmission, your mobile will work harder to catch with a clear transmission.
• • Be careful in putting your cell phone, because the effect of radiation near it emanates.




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